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Feb 04, 2009 - Soel et al J Reproductive Immunology

Preeclampsia is a disease associated with the maternal inflammatory response. YKL-40 and interleukin-18 (IL-18) are inflammatory markers involved in inflammatory states and vascular processes. The aim of this study was to evaluate serum levels of YKL-40 and IL-18 in preeclampsia. Twenty-four patients with preeclampsia and 13 healthy pregnant women were included in this study. S...
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Feb 04, 2009 - Researchers link YKL-40 plasma and tissue expression to ovarian cancer

YKL-40 protein expression was found in cancer cells, tumor associated macrophages, neutrophils and mast cells. The tumor cell expression was higher in OC than in borderline tumors (p = 0.001), and associated with FIGO stage (p < 0.0001) and histological subtype (p = 0.0009). Positive YKL-40 expression (? 5% staining) was not associated with reduced survival. Plasma YKL-40 was a...
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Feb 03, 2009 - Researchers link YKL-40 levels to Gastrointestinal Cancer in a Prospective study of more than 8000 patients

A prospective cohort study of 8,899 subjects (20 to 95 years) from the Danish general population, the Copenhagen City Heart Study, observed for 11 years for cancer incidence and 14 years for death: 1,432 participants had a first incident cancer, 968 of these died. Hazard ratios (HRs) for cancer events and death after events according to plasma YKL-40 in sex and 10 years age per...
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Feb 02, 2009 - Danish Study links YKL-40 levels to increased overall and cardiovascular mortality rate in an elderly population.

YKL-40 seems to be an independent predictor of overall and CV mortality in an elderly part of the general population without diabetes and CVD. YKL-40 and UACR are both independent predictors, that seem to predict overall and CV mortality in a synergistic way....
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